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Appreciated and Recognized by GlobalGiving


First of all, SPPD wish each and everyone towards Gratitude week on behalf of beneficent. On this specific occasion, we feel it as a great honor to show gratitude towards your good deeds. When we think about your deeds, our heart overwhelms with joy and we are speechless. So long we have been travelling together it’s a precious memory to carry in our life time. We are exceedingly happy to express gratitude to you who reinforce us. We appreciate and thank you for your excellent sustainable support for the poor people through SPPD and as being a source. May God bless you with all your desires and let the blessings showers in your heart and mind and lead you towards peaceful life.

Pongal Image 2

We work among the poor women farmers by educating on financial management training that makes eligible for loans through Bank .As long we supported to fulfill their basic needs in daily life. As a farming women, if they compare their effort with profit it’s not up to the mark and acceptable because of intermediate person who trade their products. To overcome these difficulties we initiated the knowledge of Farmer Producer Company that breaks the system which is not much affordable and it introduces new method of trading, producers to consumers. It yields more profit and help the poor women farmers to create asset for sustainable life.

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