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“Support People Affected by Cyclone Gaja-TamilNadu”

Link to project –

SPPD requests to all partners of ” Global Giving” to support for Rescue by Resources for Rehabilitation



#Global Giving – ” Renovation of damaged Houses” by SPPD in Kerala

SPPD is Effectively implementing such activities  in Kerala as Post Disaster portion with great support of “Global Giving” following link will take to see and realize the reports of SPPD

Thanks to # Global Giving # and its partners


The Legend in the domain of Education Mr.ANDREW McELROY’s Birthday,today – 27-11-2018

Heartiest wishes from the family of SPPD – India, on the eve of this celebration mode and mood, SPPD has revived its thought process  as flourished and nourished with his mentoring and guidance to the SPPD for the inclusive development and holistic approach. The Victorious Salute from SPPD to Mr.ANDREW McELROY with empathized prayer for long live and healthy live.  IMG-20181126-WA0088

SPPD – Evening Study Centers

Evening Study Centers concept is formulated and funded by the Joe Homan Charity to nourish the rural children by the way of equipping them in to Life Skill practice after school hours. Educational and Life skill inputs are being provided by the Tutors. Other than everyday home work pertaining to school academic work, children are trained for Good touch and Bad touch, Personal cleanliness and hygiene and awareness on present scenario in the country. This improves greater impact among the children to know and understand about value education and its important. so dropouts and regular absentees role will be reduced. Very vital event,  SPPD organizes  Advisory meeting at the school campus to create rapport between schools and Evening Study Centers. Besides, schools are offered the required educational materials for pupil usage.  so called children empowerment.

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