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• A Safer World for Underprivileged Rural & Slum Children.

• To make access to Education, Health, Food and Shelter a reality for children living in rural parts of Central Tamil Nadu (Dry land farming area).

To further this SPPD…
* Provides women with the tools to attain socio – economic and cultural
* Promote sustainable farming through improved eco – friendly dry land farming
* Combat the rise in prevalence of HIV/AIDS through mainstreaming prevention
and positive care in all programmes.

SPPD wishes a Happy Independence Day

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Children catered knowledge in bank& postal service. SPPD strive to ensure good standard of education through tutorial assistance on class room subjects,basic life skills, nutritional supplement for their holistic development . Tutors engaged the children & take them to rural Bank and post office to learn about their services & activities. Children learnt how to fill chalan, money deposits in the bank and how to write letter,savings account opening in postal service. Even Children are not learning these things in their academic syllabus but these activities which is useful and valuable in life through this Evening Study Centre. Thanks to SPPD team and continuous support of Scientific Publishing Services Private Limited – SPS

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Children Promoted Kitchen Garden: SPPD with the continuous support of Scientific Publishing Services Private Limited – SPS Backyard kitchen garden are established and monitored by children of our Evening Study centres. This is done as part of their school education to ensure nutritious food for good health of the child. Each child is distributed seeds and quality vegetable saplings and given training to maintain the garden by their tutors to promote in long run. The children were enthusiastically started planting seeds in their places. To know more visit our SPPD website.

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HIV Peer group meeting & Distribution of Nutritional Kit SPPD conducting every month peer group meeting for the people living with HIV AIDS since 2005. We are providing nutritional kit for 100 children those who are infected with HIV. In this meeting we have given motivational and nutritional counselling to the children and those who are affected by being the children of the HIV infected parents. SPPD provided good nutritious lunch and travelling allowances for the HIV infected peer groups. Thanks for the support of Scientific Publishing Services PVT (LTD).They all felt happy and conveyed their gratitude to SPPD.

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Tutors Review meeting SPPD strive to ensure good standard of education & health for immiserate rural children towards their holistic development. This we do through Evening Study Centre. SPPD organized Tutors review meeting and trained the tutors in various activities.In our ESC, apart from school education we taught child safety by means of inculcating good touch bad touch nursery songs with dance and motivated the tutors with positive thoughts. We also distributed peanut candy & seeds for kitchen garden. SPPD team planned to arrange exposure visits for children to rural banks. With the continued support from Scientific Publishers Services PVT(Ltd),we are able to carry out the interventions to fulfill both educational and nutritional needs of deprived children.

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Financial Inclusion for Women Self Help Groups SPPD’s one of the major area of focus to achieve the empowerment of women is to financial inclusion through facilitation of credit linking with bank and other financial institutions. Along with the credit linkage, SPPD also giving training on financial management and entrepreneurial skill training in agriculture and allied activities.

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SPPD Stretch out the yoga practice to the children With the funding support of Scientific Publishing Services(CSR project) we are providing quality education towards wholesome development for the under priviledged children through conducting Evening Study Centre at various villages in Musiri(TK), Trichy district. Apart from the education we are educating the children about the life science, yoga etc. we focused the importance and scientific fact of most common yoga practice given to the children which is helpful for their brain development.The children were actively participated in the activity and gained its knowledge.Best wishes to the children and SPPD team

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Success Story of OM SAKTHI SHG, Musiri She is Mrs. Sakunthala residing in chinnavelakkanatham village, Musiri(TK), Trichy(DT). She joined in SPPD as OM Sakthi SHG in 2009. Before joining with SPPD her family background was very poor. She had one daughter affected by Cancer and one son studying in college. she can not able manage both the household expenses and medical expenses for her daughter.After joined in SPPD she got financial support and got loan of Rs. 4,00,000/-. Later she started Wood Oil extract business in their place itself. Initially she get the raw material like coconut from temple and extract the coconut oil and made them to sell for Rs.10/liter. Now she is buying the raw material outside and extract the oil for selling in local market.Her production cost is just Rs.50/litre and selling Rs.150/lit. From this she getting profit of Rs.100/lit. She is selling groundnut, gingelly and coconut oil about 10-15lit/day. Now she can able to manage both medical expenditure and household expenses. She is very grateful to SPPD for their wonderful support financially.

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HIV kit issual to beneficiaries

Today June 22, 2019 in #SPPD Campus we have conducted orientation program for people who are living with HIV .. After that we have issued HIV kits to the beneficiaries with support of Scientific Publishing Services Private Limited – SPS… Then lunch was arranged to them.

SPS – ESC reopening

#SPPD has tied up with Scientific Publishing Services Private Limited – SPS for ESC in Musiri Surroundings… Nearly 350 students are benefited..Centres are reopened

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