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Date    : 22.01.12                                                                                                                               Place : SPPD, Soriyampatti

After a fortnight of being over busy with the preparations for the Sports Day, at last the day arrived.

The ground was meticulously done up, white chalk powder lines were installed for different events.

Victory stands were beautifully done up to make the victors feel proud of being there after the events.

All the children were instructed to go to their allotted places on the lawn, centre wise. The tutors were

present to take care of the children and to guide them accordingly.

SPPD, Soriyampatti

The ground all set for the upcoming event

Mr.Jegajothi Manohar, Panchayat President, M.Pudhupatty and nine volunteers from the European

Voluntary Service were the Chief Guests. Mr.Saravanan, Board member introduced the guests to all, and

requested one of them to say a few words and declare the Sports open.

The guest speech began with a usual note on the importance of Sports and Sports Day, and

Mr.Joryck one of the Chief Guest declared the Sports Day open and then the events start.

All the students taking part in the sports lined up for the march past. They marched past the Chief Guest

who stood to their attention.  One by one the events took place in a very well disciplined manner and

the winners listed were made to stand on the Victory Stand and they were cheered by one and all.

Items of the Programme:

For Students                                                                      For Tutors 

  •        Running Race (Boys & Girls)                       *  Musical Chairs
  •        Pile me here (Potato Gathering)
  •        Frog race
  •        Fill me quick
  •        Karate testing (Boys & Girls)
  •        Relay – boys
  •        Co – co – girls

Pile me here - Potato Gathering

Fill me quick!

Frog Race

Students Team Events - Kabbadi

Event for tutors - Musical chair








Every event drew cheers and applause from the spectators. The games and sports lasted for about three to four hours which was followed by the most interesting moment of the function – the moment of appreciating the winners by awarding them gifts and prizes, cups and shields.

Certificates awarded to winners

The winners of Kabbadi - stand in full pride on the victory stand

The smart tutors in the musical chair event


This was the ultimate moment of pleasure for winners when, amidst loud clapping and shouting of cheers, they received their rewards for their good work – from the Chief Guests.

The thrill, the excitement, and then, the pleasure of winning are all moments worth seeing and enjoying.

We loved to witness our friends and others participating with their hearts and souls with a complete involvement in the games. Their victory boosts up each and everyone’s morale.

The National Anthem was played to close the sports day.

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