Godliness Endorsement to an HIV infected Child Sumathi (Name changed) is a 12 year old child residing in Pillur village near Trichy District. A victim of HIV infection and at the age of 7 she had lost her father due to this dreaded affliction. Only after her father’s death, the very fact of infection to Sumathi and her mother was detected. The poor little girl has emaciated appearance being skinny with bloated stomach. She hardly weighs 15 kilograms and her CD 4 count (white blood cells) hovers around 40 – 50. Her other clinical parameters such as sugar and haemoglobin levels were very low. Such debilitated physical conditions makes her to be frequently absent at school. Together with the physical pain and difficulties she has to face the stigma of ostracizing, both by her own relatives and by other children at school. Despite all these painful predicaments, Sumathi has always been very eager in her studies. Under these circumstances, she came in to contact with SPPD. Since then she has been receiving nutritional kit monthly. The ART( Antiretroviral Therapy at the time of joining her CD4 count was just 20 now her CD4 count improved to 40 & her weight has also increased to 15kg from being merely 9 kgs. Recently one of our long term benefactors Mr. Andrew Mecelroy of Ireland and his friend Mr. Robert of the USA visited our campus by the end of October, 2019. It was during the occasion of monthly peer meeting of the HIV victims, both the children and their parents. During the interactions with the participants, one of the visitors Mr. Robert on noticing the pathetic condition of Sumathi, wished to help her to undergo overall health check up and extend other support for her ART regimen. Subsequently Sumathi took all the required medical tests such as for sugar level, BP, ECG etc. Together with this the SPPD team members offered counseling to boost her psychological condition. We implore our Almighty to make her stay healthy and lead a happy life. Along with Sumathi and her mother, we the SPPD team also convey our sincere gratitude to our foreign supporters & Scientific Publishing Services Private Limited – SPSthat has been greatly helping this intervention.

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Village Level Child Rights Monitoring Committees (VLCRMC) have been established  in 10 Evening Study Centres (ESCs) in the villages of Musiri Taluk, Trichy. These Child Rights Monitoring Committees (CRMC), form part of the  SPPD Evening Study Centers (ESCs) and  have been functioning with the support of Joe Homan Charity(JHC). The Child Rights Monitoring   committees take care of prevention, monitoring, responding and reporting of child rights oriented violations and protection.

In the meetings of  CRMCs, the community members like parents, children, government functionaries and elected representatives of local bodies and volunteers shall participate.
The first VLCRMC meeting was conducted in Thathampatti village, Musiri on 13th November 2019. A total of 30 students & their parents took part in the meeting along with others.

To   motivate and encourage the students and parents  to make them actively participate in all the required activities of the ESCs,  certificates were awarded  to the best students &  best parents during the occasion.


Spectacular Success of Women Self Help Group ventures!

Mrs. Sumathi of Thamarai SHG is residing in Inamathur belonging to  Trichy District. She has been associated with SPPD for the last 3 years. Prior to her getting associated with SPPD, being extremely poor she was finding it difficult to meet her family needs. As a daily wage labourer she could make only Rs. 3000-4000/month.After  getting  linked with SPPD team as per their adivse, she took to the business of making hollow blocks. She got a financial & credit linkage with  banks.   She commenced  the enterprises along  with her husband. Now she is able to provide livelihood  to 3 more families by giving  employment by ap She is supplying the hollow blocks made in her unit with high quality to  many places in   the district.  Her success in the business has made her as one of best small women entrepreneur in the district.  She thanks SPPD social media photo sppd 7.11.19

Peer Group Meeting & Nutritional Counselling to HIV infected Children

HIV peer group meeting was held on 30th October,2019 at SPPD campus. Every month SPPD with the support of SPS, distributes nutritional kit. During the get together,  the anthropometry is conducted  to identify the improvement of health of the children who are infected by HIV infected parents.

In this meeting Dr. Suresh Kumar, M.B.B.S, Gen.Medicine, KMH hospital, Musiri offered counseling   in general.  He gave tip   to overcome side effects while taking ART tablets etc. Mrs. Anitha.,M.sc.,M.phil Food & Nutrition, offered  nutritional counseling to the children & parents.
Towards the end  SPPD foreign mentors Mr. Andrew Machel Roy, Ireland & Mr. Robert, United States of America graced the meeting with their participation. They interacted with the children infected by HIV and shared their love and happiness by means of issuing chocolates to them. Nearly 50 children & their parents participated in the meeting & enjoyed nutritious lunch. At the end of the meeting, the children and their parents thanked SPPD & SPS for their continuous support for this great cause.


Capacity Building Programme for the Evening Study Centre Tutors SPPD runs evening study centres in 10 different villages with the financial support of Joe Homan Charity. Capacity building Programme was conducted in SPPD campus on 19.10.19. Mr. Saravanan, President, Rotary Club Musiri presided over the programme for the tutors. He gave orientation on the need of enhancing life skills like thinking skills, social skills, and emotional skills among the students. He dwelt at detail on the above topics. He emphasised student-teacher relationship, which is the cornerstone of classroom management. The importance of building a rapport with students was discussed. He also focussed on child rights and its violations, child protection and how to give counselling to children and parents. He spoke at length on how to handle traumatised both boys and girls and girl children in particular who are sexually abused. He also shared about his club activities to them. In this meeting, issued Map, Pen & Pensil for the ESC children. It was a fruitful and enriching session for the tutors. As a token of gratitude and appreciation, the project coordinator felicitated the chief guest with the shawl.

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Village Level Committee for child Rights & Protection Child Rights Monitoring Committee (CRMC), which is a part of SPPD rural remedial education centre (ESC’s) have been functioning with the support of Joe Homan Charity (JHC). Village Level Child Rights Monitoring Committee (VLCRMC) is established in 10 Evening Study Centres (ESC) in the villages of Musiri Taluk, Trichy for prevention, reporting, monitoring, protection and responding on the issues of child rights and protection. First of the meetings was conducted at all ESC villages with the participation of community members, like parents, children, government functionaries and elected representatives of local bodies and volunteers etc. This committee will conduct four meetings every year in order to address the issues of child protection in the community and also to plan and take up innovative activities for raising awareness on child protection. Thanks for the support of JHC and SPPD.

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HIV-AIDS PEER GROUP MEETING & NUTRITIONAL COUNSELLING SPPD has been paying special attention towards the cause of both the children who are infected with HIV and those who are affected by HIV infected parents. With the shattered the economic productivity of their parents, the plight of the children of the victims of HIV is extremely pathetic.SPS has been extending invaluable support in this intervention. The financial inability of the parents takes a very heavy toll of both infected children and children of HIV infected parents.. The children living with HIV have undergo the pain of alarmingly dwindling health status, due to decreasing CD4 count that makes them vulnerable to all opportunistic diseases. The need for nutritional food becomes impossible for the infected children who are under ART regimen. Similarly, the children who form part of the families with of HIV infected parents too face enormous hardships. And hence SPPD has been involved in this intervention. The HIV peer group peer group meeting was held on 28.9.2019 at SPPD campus. Every month each of these children are distributed nutritional supplement kit, anthropometric measurements. During the occasion, the resource person Mrs.Anitha, M.Sc.,M.Phil, Food & Nutrition, offered counselling for improvement of the health of the members. During the counselling session she gave them valuable tips on low cost recipes, the ingredients of which are available locally and good personal hygiene practices. These cost efficient food shall help to improve their CD4 count and general health to a great extent. The activities have been carried out with the support of SPS for their continuous support.

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Women Earns Money through small business venture of Charcoal Making SPPD helps women to gain financial independence through a variety of means. And SPPD facilitates the women by credit linkages with banks and financial institutions for various entrepreneurial activities such as setting up of petty shops, fruits & vegetable shops, tailoring units, charcoal making units and dairying etc. Mrs. Maheswari, of Poovarasan Poo Self Help group, residing in Melamedu village. She has been actively associated with SHG activities being facilitated by SPPD for the past 3 years. Maheswari is from very poor backgrounds and has been doing charcoal making business for the past one year with the help of SPPD and credit support of bank. Prior to this micro business venture, she was involved in farming but she didn’t get that much profit from farming to meet her financial needs for her family. So she started doing small scale in charcoal making business with her husband. Now she is earning Rs. 10000/- per month. Thanks for the support of credit linkage of SPPD.

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Exclusive activities at ESCs for overall development of Students Evening Study Centres (ESCs) are managed by SPPD in 10 different villages benefiting 322 children. This work is being carried out with the benevolent support of Joe Homan Charity. Each study centre has around 30 students. The students are under regular care and guidance of tutors and all of whom hail from the respective villages. The students at the ESCs are provided both English & Tamil Alphabetical Kit, Sports kit, Kitchen garden seeds, nutritious snacks etc. Children are trained in Basic English knowledge through reading, learning and writing skills for higher grade students. In our centres training on reading and writing skills are imparted with the help of alphabetical kit to the lower grade students. As part of the effort to help the children to maintain good health status, nutritious candies like peanut cakes etc are distributed to the children of the ESCs, twice a week Every Saturday they have yoga classes, physical activities like games etc. The students are very enthusiastic in taking part in such activities that are aimed at their wholesome development. The regular attendance of most of the students stand as solid evidence for the improvement in studies and extra-curricular activities of the students. Thanks to JHC and SPPD team for their continuous support for the intervention.

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