Capacity Building Programme for Evening Study Centre Tutors The capacity building programme on the pertinent topic “The Classroom management to Tutorial assistance” was organized by SPPD with the support of Joe Homan Charity. All the 10 tutors of our Evening study centres participated in the program held on 21.9.2019 in the SPPD campus. Mr. K. Gopi, Project Co-ordinator, SPPD, welcomed the gathering and introduced the resource persons Mr. Kumaralingam, Head Master, and Mrs. Akila, Head Mistress of Panchayat Union Elementary School, Thinnakonam & Sinthampatti village of Musiri, Trichy District. In the First session of the programme, Mr. Kumaralingam,HM, delivered his speech and said that the ESC tutors were doing excellent work. He commended the tutors saying that they helped children with tutorial assistance for home work and also taught them other essential life skills. He pointed out that though it was an endeavour on the part of the school to keep the teachers abreast with the latest strategies to manage the children and their environment effectively, the ESC tutors share the responsibility of school teachers to a great extent. Mrs. Akila, HM, Singampatti, addressed the gathering in the second session of the programme and delivered her speech on Management-student-teacher relationship. During her speech she mentioned that effective teacher student relationship is characterized by a consistent communication, emotionally safe learning space, mutual trust and respect and basic principles of classroom time management. All the sessions were very fruitful and enriching, they were full of hands-on activities and games. This approach ensured total and active participation of the tutors in every activity that was aimed and improving their capacity as tutors. At the end of the training sessions the project coordinator thanked all the resource persons and felicitated them by presenting them with shawls as a token of appreciation.

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Health Check-up for the benefit of rural children Children are the foundation of a strong and healthy nation. And morbidity is major public health concern among school going children. It adversely affects their normal growth and development. And hence SPPD organizes health camps for the children studying in the evening study centres with the purpose of addressing the health needs of rural children here. The team comprising of tutors, medico-social workers, lab technicians visited the all the centres for conducting health check-up for the children. First of the health camps started on 11.9.19 at Mangalam Village and it has been going on. In this camp, the children are examined anthropometric measurements and clinical tests are conducted to identify haemoglobin count apart from other health parameters. These analytical test reports will be used to identify their health status and also confirm clinical diagnosis of anaemia etc. These camps for the rural students will greatly help them to be prescribed the required individual nutrition interventions, help in prevention of onset of any other debilitating sicknesses etc. These camps also serve as education to their parents on the health care needs of their children. This has been made possible due to the invaluable support of SPS. And hence the parents and the children thank SPS and the SPPD team for this intervention.

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Biannual Parents Meeting for Evening Study Centre Children Evening study centres was one of our earliest interventions that aimed at providing supplementary education to children in rural and slum areas from grade 1 to 8th. Through these centres nearly 322 children are getting benefited. Parents meetings are conducted twice a year. ~*The biannual meeting for the second half of this year was*~ held on two days (17th & 18th Sep.2019) at SPPD campus, Musiri. The main focus of the meeting was to discuss about the benefits of ESC and the impacts of different activities the centres. Broadly the behavioral changes and overall personal and social development of the children were discussed. Parents actively participated and shared their views on the improvement of their children in the aspects such as personal hygiene, learning, reading and writing skills in particular. In the meeting many parents mentioned that their children had picked up essential life skills apart from supplementary tuition on school curriculum received by the children. During the meeting SPPD staff gave orientation on the multifarious activities of our ESCs such as kitchen garden, child rights and skill development programmes etc. They also dwelt on importance the rural livelihood enterprises and how to safeguard the agricultural resources. Before the end of the programme as part of observance of the month of September as “Nutrition Month”, parents and SPPD staff took a pledge on nutritious balanced diet for children and pregnant mothers. A total of 289 parents took part in the biannual meeting. During the occasion the parents were served with a deliciously nutritious lunch. At the end of the meeting all the parents wanted to convey their gratitude for the continuous support and facilitation to Joe Homan Charity and SPPD respectively

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Promotion of Garden Based learning skill among rural children Backyard kitchen garden are established and managed by children of our Evening Study Centre with the continuous support of Joe Homan Charity. Garden based learning (GBL) is a vital component in the process of integrated learning. This gives the children active engagement to real –world experiences that have personal meaning for them. Our ESC children have been growing various vegetables like pumpkin, ladies finger, bitter gourd, ridge gourd at their backyards. By growing these types of plants, the children get benefited on a variety of factors like nutrition awareness, environmental awareness, the sense of achievement, increased life skills. This activity also serves to improve their memory and motor skills in general. And the children of ESCs managed by SPPD convey their sincere gratitude to Joe Homan Charity for their invaluable support for the cause.

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Women Empowerment through Value Addition Initiatives of Self Help Group Mrs. Selvarani is a member of Ambal SHG is residing in Musiri with her husband who is a daily wager. She has been associated with SPPD for the past 2 years. Prior to that she was struggling, to manage her family expenses. And meeting the educational expenses of her son was extremely burdensome for her. The turnaround occurred when she received an amount of Rs.40, 000/- for micro business venture of Vadam & Pickle preparation through the facilitation of SPPD. Now she is earning Rs.200/per day which goes a long way to meet her needs. She was also given training in value addition through SPPD. Such small loans extended for value addition and food processing commercial initiatives are financed by micro finance companies through the facilitation of SPPD for the women members of Self Help Groups (SHG). This intervention is increasingly proving to be a ladder for the poor families to breakout from the cycle of poverty and it also gives them a boost to feel secure, socially and psychologically.

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Rights of Children in Rural Society The rights of children are one of the most fundamental and universally accepted. Mr. Muthuselvan., B.A.B.L, Advocate in Musiri, delivered a speech on Child Rights in the Tutors Review Meeting held on 7th September. He dwelt at length about the activities of Child Right Monitoring Committee (CRMC) which is a part of SPPD rural Evening Study Centre (ESCs) being carried out with the support of Joe Homan Charity(JHC) He touched upon the various aspects regarding the implementation of Optional Protocols to the Convention, such as involving children in armed conflicts, child trafficking for the purpose of child prostitution and child pornography etc. He also explained in detail on the communication procedures that will allow individual children to submit complaints regarding specific violations of their rights under the Convention. His Speech was very informative and enlightening for the tutors of our ESCs in working towards ensuring the rights of children belonging to our villages. “Happier Children Enhance Better World”

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GIFT NUTRITION TO MAKE THEIR LIFE SUSTAINABLE How many times has your restaurant bill come up to Rs.400 for a single meal? Do you know that it can give children like Vasuki, who is infected by HIV-AIDS a nutritional meal every day for a month?

Rising Dairy Farming among Self Help Groups Mrs. Kalaiselvi, of Vinmughil SHG residing in Musiri. Her husband is working as a daily wager. She has a daughter and a son. Her daughter was physically challenged studying in 4th standard and son 3rd standard studying in Musiri Gvt.School. She linked with SPPD for the past 2 years. Prior to be associated with SPPD, she was struggling very hard to both ends meet and the regular medical expenses for her daughter was an additional burden. She got loan amount of Rs.40, 000/- for dairy farming through the facilitation of SPPD. Now she is earning Rs.250/per day which goes a long way to meet her needs. Credit for cattle rearing financed by micro finance company through the support by SPPD for the women members of Self Help Groups (SHG) has become a ladder for the poor families to breakout from the state of impoverishment and it also gives them a boost to feel secure, socially and psychologically. She is very grateful to SPPD for their continuous support.

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Tutors Review meeting We are carrying out the interventions to fulfill the quality of education through tutorial assistance on class room subjects,basic life skills,health & nutritional awareness for deprived children in rural areas. We organized tutors review meeting and distributed Hand note, sports material (Football, ring ball, skipping rope, English & Tamil letter kit) to the evening study centre children through these tutors.Thanks for the continuous support of Joe Homan Charity & SPPD team for these interventions.

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SPPD wishes a Happy Independence Day

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