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World Water Day is a great time to be conscious of how much water we use every day, and recognize how fortunate we are to have it at our disposal. And, in turn, be conscious of how access to clean and safe water positively affects our lives, our economies, and our societies. The application of water and its managed use has been an essential factor in raising productivity of agriculture and ensuring predictability in outputs. Water is essential to bring forth the potential of the land and to enable improved varieties of both plants and animals to make full use of other yield-enhancing production factors. By raising productivity, sustainable water management (especially when combined with adequate soil husbandry) helps to ensure better production both for direct consumption and for commercial disposal, so enhancing the generation of necessary economic surpluses for uplifting rural economies. Community hygienic education helps people understand and develop hygienic practices to prevent disease and death in their community. Our organization has been working on these facts among under privileged children. These process activated by SPPD through various methodology we like to inform one of the way we proceed through the path of evening study centre. Community hygiene education and good hygiene are important tools in preventing infectious diseases from spreading throughout a community. Successful hygiene education will inspire real and lasting improvements to current hygiene practices and promote good attitudes towards community hygiene. Practicing good hygiene is also a behavioral change – one that everyone can make whether they are rich or poor, young or old, educated or not. We work for the empowerment of rural women through asset creation. It mainly depends on educating or communicating necessary information to them for the agricultural and allied activities. Our organization has been handling some methodology to upgrade their life style .Here are some Organic farming ,ground water recharge, allied sector, protected cultivation……



The Society for Poor People Development has been fulfilling the vision of the Sustainable Development Goals that aims to end poverty and hunger, protect the environment, improve health parameter and empower all women. On this International Day for Women, we tip our hat to these awesome rural women who are playing such important roles in their community. Woman is a leader a motivator, a lover and an inspiration. Let’s come together and appreciate the spirit of womanhood and the laurels they bring in! Let’s celebrate a…. HAPPY WOMEN’S DAY

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