Evening study centre started at Paithamparai Village in Trichy District, with Support of Tata Power Community Development Trust (TPCDT). Supporting children home works and ensuring quality education among rural children. we mainly concentrate on science, mathamatics and english for the children who are going to appear in the public examination. We accept admission from 6th std to twelfth standard. If the center is not functioning,they would not have been able to pay fees for extra tuition to help them in their home work. An it is mainly difficult for the children who are going to appear for the of 10th and 12 std examination. Thanks to Tata Community Development Trust and we expect more support to start extra study centres, where students are in need.


We have launched a programme towards ensuring the quality education among the rural poor children. As part of this evening classes have been started in Karur and Trichy districts of Tamilnadu. This project is carried out by SPPD in association with TATA POWER community development Trust.

*Dear teacher, you have been a great mentor and guide and have shaped my career well. I thank you for your effort and hope you remain a superb mentor for others also.


Financial Inclusion Training for Rural Women Self Help Group at Musiri, Trichy District

Free uniforms for skill training students to continue their education without any difficulties.https://www.globalgiving.org/donate/5084/society-for-poor-people-development-sppd/

Nutrients need for a HIV/AIDS affected/infected children. http://www.giveindia.org/m-1071-society-for-poor-people-development.aspx

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Name: Ms Tamilarasi, Shg Name: Malligai, Age : 39 She have invested in her business and extended garment shop, kids game center and mobile service stores. She increased her earning to Rs.750 per day.


Vegetable gardens for rural kid. Children enjoy and love to touch soft, fuzzy plants.

Financial Inclusion Training for Rural Women Self Help Group at Mudikandam, Trichy District, Tamil Nadu

Training SHG

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