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Clare Bassett Thanks for all the updates. I’m really happy the children are doing well. You are doing so much good work on other projects toOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAo. I wish you all the best,Clare


AIDS Day’s programme conducted by us on 2nd of Dec 2017. It was a wonderful day for the people living with HIV/AID. To complement the global World AIDS Day 2017 campaign which promotes the theme “Right to health. Moreover we discussed about Right to Nutrition . The children and women badly suffer due to heavy insufficiency of nutritional food. With completely no support for the poor victims of HIV from the government, they become very weak, anemic and the children extremely malnourished as the ART therapy sucks out their strength. We have been supporting them towards this end. We would appreciate if you too join in this endeavor. Looking forward to get associated. Support

HIVSupport 500 HIV Children in trauma in Tamilnadu

Disaster preparedness training going on among the slum dwellers of Teynampet locality in Chennai city. SPPD has been organizing these trainings in the areas that are vulnerable to disaster. The community members are imparted the vital elements of training like protecting themselves from the Floods, fire accidents, giving first aid to the victims, helping people living with disabilities and the senior citizens, etc.With the north east monsoon rains having set in already, the poor communities belonging to the low lying localities here are very eager and keen in taking part in these trainings.

SPPD has been actively imparting training to the women on skills that enable them to assert their socio -economic rights and the vital financial inclusion. . The training comprise of Micro level financial management,dry land farming methods,small scale entrepreneurial skills, skill to adapt to new fast digital technological tools like sending and receiving text messages on mobile phone. .Every month we impart skill training to 400 women. Upon training the women are facilitated with credit linkages from financial institutions like banks for livelihood and income generation activities.

Wish you happy children day and let us ensure quality education to all children.


The reinforced polythene sheets given to us after the last floods in the year 2015, went a long way in saving us from the heavy rains this week. Not even a drop of water entered in to our hut , as the hut was covered both in the side walls and the roof. But for this protection, our 50 sqft home would have been inundated in waters leaving us in the street. Hence I thank the Global Giving and the SPPD for this great help. Thank you.


SPPD doing many impacts in giving education to the poor students.

The day Diwali is a festival of light. Being the triumph of righteousness over evil, The festival is supposed to bring in Joy and Hope. Wish you a Bright Diwali !

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Proud to be a FARMER


Joy of having created asset for the women themselves.

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