#MrsBalamani who is hailing from agriculturefamily, #FromPovertytoProgresstowardsLIVELIHOOD, #IMPACT passion and aggressiveness are interlinked for Agri.production #Home development #Country development #Jaikisan

 having two sons and one daughter all are married. Now she and husband are aloof with financial crisis. Though she has cultivable lands as small size she is unable to switch to activate to cultivate,due to poverty and helpless from their children. #SPPD reaching out her and facilitated to boost up her cultivation through #SAMUNNATI rural and agriculture finance. credit money is properly utilized and her regular income from the land source is very comfort while compare to earlier situation. Thus WhatsApp Image 2018-12-17 at 14.09.53.jpeg

#MrsMekala landless labour family she and her husband go for agriculture daily wage work. #salute to #jai kisan

 Their skill is well-versed on seeding, cultivation and harvesting process #but no land to perform. After financial support facilitated by #SPPD through #Samunnati finance, both husband and wife go for hiring with laboring #powertiller which was a product against their credit fund. Now #leasing lands also make them in to busy cultivable hours while we compare to earlier position. #JaiVigyan #JaiKisan of course here #JaiJavan here Javan is Farmer #battlefield is Cultivable land…… #SPPD is motivating the #smallFarmers and #Landless farmers for Agrarian boom in the project area towards supporting block level agri.production ………WhatsApp Image 2018-12-17 at 14.09.52

#MrsVasanthi,Pallakadu near Trichy. She has become a owner of a tea shop in a village away from Trichy.

In her tea shop tea and other snacks items are also available. Before financial support which was facilitated by the #SPPD for regular income source through ICICI bank.

#CHANGE has created her life – live style to Livelihood is better than earlier position by stopping to go for masonry assistant work and other hard works.
#WhatLiveLifeStyle changed in to ……
having a business at her own house, she is an ill woman affected by uterus issue #BUT she used to go for unavoidable laborious works,due to poverty.#NOW no poverty, safer health and #BEproud in the society. #SPPD has made this change towards #SustainableSolutionLivelihWhatsApp Image 2018-12-13 at 14.13.36ood.

# Woman street vendor has changed her pattern of selling source and #HealthSocioEconomics are also involved in the changed pattern.

WhatsApp Image 2018-12-13 at 14.20.00#MrsMala50 doing bangles business, earlier to #SPPD‘s financial support through ICICI bank, she was street vendor of Bangles. After support, she is doing now in a fixed place in Thuraiyur bus stand. Not only that, in addition to bangles, now other fashion jewelry, sticker kumkum and bangles. Due to this effort and effect, her business is increased as well customers are also increased. 

This is an outcome of the #SPPD’s socioeconomic initiative on more business in size and more people.

What will be the expected impact ?
#RuralWomenCommunity need not go to Trichy town from Thuraiur for purchasing of fashion jewelers #atparUrban

#MrsRajeswari woman in Tea shop as tea master cum owner of the tea shop to lead the livelihood of her family

In addition to her husband’s daily wages. #SPPD has facilitated to provide financial support for her business ambition to improve her economic standard as well standard of life. WhatsApp Image 2018-12-11 at 15.29.17

#MrsManju (SHG member)has two daughters and one son and her husband goes for construction work. They have some agriculture land and it was their livelihood. Due to an inadequate irrigation capacity and poor rain source, they are unable to perform agriculture work  #An-alternative source for livelihood:

#SPPD has organized financial aid through the ICIC bank. The specialty in their shop is children’s snacks and toys. Because of this business trick, their shop is being picked up towards viable.
#ChangedpatternofMrsManjuslivelihoodandPeacefullife:WhatsApp Image 2018-12-10 at 12.48.39
Without any economic barrier and financial hurdle their livelihood is satisfactorily occupied due to the business. Their wholehearted gratitude to the SPPD for providing this opportunity. #WomenSocioEconomicEmpowerment

so-called Women Entrepreneurial Skill Development by #SPPD

WhatsApp Image 2018-12-10 at 12.55.01MrsRajeswari50@Vayalur, near Trichy having skill of knitting flowers for Temple garlands, due to this skill she was making garlands for piece rate to the flower vendors. She felt that out of his skilled work other person is making money. Because of Economic crisis, she couldn’t run a flower shop. 
#SPPD reached her’s women group for mentoring and facilitated for financial support from ICICI bank. Now#she has become flower shop owner and earning regular income source to maintain her family #Economic Acceleration towards self-style pattern of livelihood among the rural women. Like wise, other members have also been benefited in the group.

#SPPD-AFPO a social initiative for landless and small farmers i.e #AindhinaiFarmersProducerCompany. Indeed, it is socialistic pattern of #Forming Framing farming among the farmers who decide determine develop and demolish the barriers to nurture of crops with #viability

Pudupatti Panchayat, Musiri block near Trichy where now Agriculture season by harvesting groundnut, 6 months cropping pattern.#smallFarmers enjoy under the hot sun to pluck groundnut.They have potential of Agriculture skilling and laborious attitude,nevertheless, money problem they are unable to sourcing to convert to wet land by artificial water sources in their own fields. At this juncture #SPPD team reaching out them for providing its helping hand to lift for their agricultural ambition by enrolling in to #AFPO#AindhinaiFarmersProducerCompany to avail enormous and fruitful benefits by uprooting the barriers of the farmers with expected productivity and profit. #AFPO paves such root of viable seeding, flourishing cultivation , bumper harvesting and non-mediator sale of agriculture produced towards social forming and farming.WhatsApp Image 2018-12-10 at 13.54.06

#ChidrenEmpowerment #EveningStudyCenter’s Tutors Review meet to assess the capacities towards imparting knowledge Vs gaining children #SPPD today @ Musiri,Trichy District, TN,India.

#JoeHomanCharity supports to trigger the Children community in rural areas which are efficaciously Co-related and coordinated among the Village schools, Parent Teacher Association-PAT and Evening Study Centers’tutors. Result of the #EveningStudyCenters to expose hidden creativeness and talent in study culture. sure, it ensures to avoid stoppage for school going, Regular attendance and quality out of school learning in the same village.The children would be provided education materials and groundnut toffee.

Thus #SPPD seeks such help and support from Donors, CSR and Philanthropists to rural children .

WhatsApp Image 2018-12-08 at 16.14.51

#Women’s Pride,Proud and Self Esteem to attain Socio-Economic freedom phase by Rural Group Financing #SPPD

#WomenPerformers for liveliho
od pattern with support of #SPPD. Here SPPD’s key note communication Team – Group – Business is big saavy to break the barriers of Economic Evils.

#SPPD has made tieup with such Financial partners viz, ICICI & Samunnati for Agriculture and Agriculture allied business, Cattle rearing and other petty business in the rural and semi urban areas. So, huge in sporadic and size in numerous Women groups are such a #platform towards enlarging and exposing the women communities’ skill. Along with Skill imparting, ways and means for identifying, preforming and Recycling the business talents. Thus, Women Talent Acquisition – WTA is a vital slogan while reaching out the women groups.
#SPPD requires and seeks more Finance and Banking sectors’ partners to support the #WOMENCOMMUNITY

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