A mini biogas plant was installed in our Children’s Home on 8th June 2011.

Biogas Mini Plant

Pictorial Representation

Initial Preparation


Cow dung – 500 kgs, Sugar – 1 kg. ,

Cow dung and sugar mixture

  Procedure :-

The cow dung and the sugar are mixed together and kept in a barrel. This mixture should be left undisturbed for 15 days. During this period, gas is formed. After 15 days the lid is opened and left for three hours for the foul smell to escape.

Once the foul smell has lessened, cooking work can be started.

After 15 days, ½ kg wheat flour should be diluted and poured into the barrel and this should be done for a month.

After a month, every week 1kg of wheat flour should be poured. This process is for the next two months and later every consecutive day the wheat flour should be poured in the barrel. As the gas level reduces the input for it will increase.

Regular Process

Kitchen waste materials:-

Kitchen waste collector

Rotten vegetables and fruits, curds, curdled milk, used tea dust, rice water, ashes, spoiled meat can be collected and stored in a drum with a filtrate at the centre. To this, 20 litres of water should be added. When all these materials blend together, a liquid state will be formed and drained inside the drum with the help of a filtrate.


When the mixture (cow dung and sugar) is set the drum is capsized into another drum (bigger size) and sealed.

The diluted sour liquid is poured into the drum through the water inlet. Gas will be produced in the capsized drum. This gas is connected with the help of a tube to the kitchen which is consequently used for cooking.


The waste water in the bigger drum is collected at the outlet. It is diluted and used for watering the garden. If this process is carried out continuously, this biogas can be utilized for five hours without any interruption. A day’s cooking can be accomplished with this gas.

Plant installation process

Drum with cow dung mixture turned over into another

Kitchen waste collection drum


 — The biogas produced can be used for 5 hours.

— If handled properly the life span of the plant will last for 20 years.

— The waste water from the outlet can be diluted with cold water and  used for watering the plants. 

Biogas produced utilized for cooking purpose

Biogas Training :-

Our home children were trained on biogas usage and its importance. Also the purpose of installing a mini-biogas plant in our organisation was educated to them. The method of converting the bio-degradable wastes into gas, its process and output was explained.

Now the children themselves maintain the plant. They take care of pouring in the liquid at regular intervals as well as utilizing the waste water for watering their kitchen garden.

Training imparted to children

Training on usage practices to the staff in charge

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  • biogas produced from kitchen waste can be used as an alternative to LPG that is used at homes. Biogas supply for 1.5 to 2 hours can be obtained from digestion of 0.75-1kg worth of kitchen waste daily. Starts up have started to invest more in the idea and make it financially attractive.

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