Name                                           :   G.Selvaraj

Age                                               :   18

Father’s Name                         :   Ganeshan

Mother’s Name                       :   Palaniyammal

Grade                                          :   Diploma in Fitter

Address                                   :  2 – 87 A, Perumalkowndanpatti,Thondamankinam, Krishnarayapuram – 621313, Karur

Brief Description

Selvaraj was born on January 14th 1993.  He comes from Kulithalai where he was living with his paternal aunt because his father had abandoned the family five years ago.  The day before he left the house, his father was beaten up by his wife’s family.  He took Selvaraj’s younger brother and went to his in-laws house seeking justice.  The child returned home but his father has not been seen since then – nobody knows what has happened to him.  Selvaraj’s father’s family is under the suspicion that his mother’s family killed him but they have no evidence against it.  His mother is still living with her mother in law and her other children in her husband’s village.  Selvaraj was sent to his paternal aunt’s house.  In his aunt’s house he was ill treated and made to do manual work like rearing the cows, household chores, etc.  He was also working in a bike shop in Kulithalai.

He was also working in a bike shop in Kulithalai.  We identified him as a child labourer and knew that his aunt was not sending him to school, although her own 3 sons were going to school at that time.  Selvaraj spent many nights sleeping in the railway station because of the way he was being treated by his aunt.  Selvaraj’s uncle and the shop owner were willing to help us bring him to SPPD to ensure that he would go to school.

Three of his four siblings are working – his sister in a cotton mill – she dropped out of school at 13 years of age.  His youngest brother is living with his mother and is studying 4th standard.  The other two brothers have dropped out of school after 5th standard – one is now 14 and the other is 16.  They are both working in a shop as coolies – day labourers with no permanent position.

He came to SPPD in 2005 as one of the initial group of children from the Government’s SSA Education for All Programme.

When he was younger Selvaraj also believed that his mother’s family had killed his father and he tried to kill her.  When he arrived at SPPD he was very aggressive and even beat the teacher on one occasion.  In the past 2 years he has matured and is now a hard working kindly young man.  He does not want to have anything to do with his mother’s family, but still hopes that his father will return.  He is on better terms with his aunt’s family in Kulithalai and goes there for holidays.  He is very good at mechanical and electrical work and helps to maintain the bicycles and motor bikes and look after the garden at SPPD.  He appeared for the State government Board exams (10th standard) in March 2008 and secured 282 marks out of 500.

Later he joined the ITI course in Sittilarai in 2009 and has completed it in April 2011. He has successfully passed his Diploma in Fitter with Trade as Fitter.















In February 2010, he attended the internship training in the Veesons Energy Systems Pvt. Ltd. Company at Trichy. The training was related to fitting work. He was very eager to learn about the techniques of fitting procedures.

He is not only interested in motor mechanics but also in agriculture. He looks after all the milch animals like cow, goat and hen which are reared in Iynthinai Farm (A unit of SPPD), involves himself in kitchen garden and nurseries. Now he is well equipped in both the fields’ i.e. automobile fitting and agriculture.

At present he has submitted his resume at Ramakrishna Mission as well as in an automobile company at Sittilarai.

Translation of letter submitted by G.Selvaraj



C/o Arunagiri,

25, Periyar Nagar, Kulithalai.

Dear Sir,

Greetings to you.

Since my completion of ITI course at our Children’s Home, I have not been in touch with you for quite a long time. I apologize for this delay in my intimation.

At present I’m working as a contractor in BHEL Company in Trichy drawing Rs.150/- per day. On 21st November the ITI Course Provisional Certificates were issued and due to my work at Trichy I received the same only on 26th Nov. ’11. On the same day I visited our Home and submitted a photocopy of my Provisional Certificate, Mark Sheet, SSLC – T.C, etc. in the office.

Due to certain family problems I was unable to pay frequent visits to our home. In future, I assure you that I will visit our home regularly and build in confidence in our growing youngsters who are present at your care.

I once again thank you for supporting me with this bright future.

Thanking you.


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