Behavior Improvement Strategies

Personal Story:

Yuvaraj’s father is Mr.Tamilselvan. Five years back Yuvaraj’s mother Rani had coupled her life with another man and left the house abandoning Yuvaraj. From then on Tamilselvan is staying with his parents. They were taking care of Yuvaraj. Two years later they also expired. Tamilselvan, Yuvaraj’s father is mentally retarded from his young age and he can’t speak fluently.  Also he has lost vision in one eye. He is not able to do any hard work and look after his son because of his serious health condition. Finally he got himself employed with Velavar Electricals Shop as a pune, helping them in buying tea, cleaning work etc. and earns Rs.1500/- per month. Since Tamilselvan had rashes on his hand, his employer hesitated to send him to purchase tea, etc. and hence this job is also not certain. Yuvaraj’s father doesn’t know to cook. So with the assistance of Kathiresan his neighbour, he gets his food from a nearby hotel on monthly payment basis. The salary he draws is sufficient only to feed his son. He found it difficult to educate his son. In this juncture, Kathiresan came to know about SPPD and requested us to enroll Yuvaraj in SPPD’s – Children’s Home.

Reason for admission :- Considering Yuvaraj’s situation, no motherly love, father – unable to take care of him; we had enrolled him in our home. Also, there are many nights Yuvaraj had gone to bed without food, since his father used to return home at late hours. He was unable to speak properly, because his father was not able to train him in speech. As they were staying in a very deserted place, there were no neighbours to take care of the child during his father’s absence. Hence he was enrolled in the home.

Yuvaraj at the start:-When Yuvaraj was admitted in our home, he never knew how to brush his teeth, wash his clothes and have a bath. There was a lot of stammering in his speech. The reason behind this was they resided in a very remote area where they had no neighbours at all and moreover Yuvaraj’s father was not in a position to train him in speech. He never used to mingle with other children at home or in school.  Though he was in Grade IV, he was not up to that grade level. Reading and writing was yet another problem for this child. He always used to wet his bed during his sleep. He loved loneliness. Worst of all, he never knew in what condition he was.

Treatment at Trichy:- As his situation was in a very bad shape, we had taken him to Dr.Shayida Shereen, M.B.B.S, D.N.B, Psychiatrist at Thillainagar, Trichy.  At the hospital, Yuvaraj’s complete details were retold to her. She had also raised many questions regarding Yuvaraj’s life style at home.

Doctor’s Opinion :- This child was brought up by a father who himself was in an unfit position. There is wide scope of the child carrying the same hereditary. Moreover he has lost his motherly care at a very early age. Only few years he was in the embracement of his grandparents.  He never had the opportunity of playing with children. There was no one to guide him with his studies.

Her advice :- She prescribed medicines which should be regularized for him without any break. The prescribed medicine were to be given for two months and once in two months he was asked to be brought for a re-check up. She stressed that it would be fine, if we could consult his Headmaster and allow this child to do his Grade 1.

On following the prescribed medicine, he had severe vomiting for two days and became too weak. On 19th Sept. he was taken to the hospital. She prescribed tablets for appetite.  He is continued with the same prescription.

Changes observed:- He has shown vast improvement in his behavior. Now he mingles with his friends and is found active to a certain extent. He has learnt how to brush his teeth. Now he uses a lot of words in his sentences. He has also learnt cycling.  He shows active participation in his karate class. He is very interested to attend his computer and English coaching class.  He loves to handle paint in the computer. He makes an attempt to write and practice on the slate. He is acquainted with numbers orally from 1 to 10 and written from 1 to 20. He is able to write his name in Tamil (his native language). He is learning how to write his name in English.

A vast difference is noted in him From What He Was To What He Is!

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