Our new gardens

Since recently, our meals in Children’s Home have got a tasty and nutritious addition: green beans. Green vegetables are especially important as a source of iron, because 2/3 of children in Tamil-Nadu are anaemic, living mostly on rice.

So, where have the beans come from in such abundance? Our children have grown them!

Although SPPD is situated in a dry land area with very thin topsoil, the kids’ hard work made wonders. They cleared their plots of land from grass, tilled the soil, enriched it with vermicompost, and planted their small gardens.

It’s amazing how fast everything grows here. Planted in September and October, the gardens have already started to bring first crops. The kids proudly demonstrate their plots.

Velmurugan and Kaliyaperumal planted radishes, chillies, tomatoes, and flowers:

Gowtam and Kartik grow pumpkins and tomatoes:

Ravikumar and Yuvaraj in the shade of beans; they also planted onions and tomatoes:

Rakesh and Harishkumar in front of their sprawling gourds:

Saratkumar, Saran, and Sivakumar’s pumpkin is almost ripe:

The gourds have grown taller than Nandakumar and Praveenkumar:

Saktivel’s pumpkin yields a good crop:

Vinitha and Bwuvaneswari grow bitter gourds:

Raghapriya, Suganti, Jothika, Kirutiga, and Gowshika behind of their vast plantation of cluster beans:

Radhiga and her patch of radishes:

Tamilselvi, Aghaliya, and Saghuntala grow chillies:

Kaviya and Dhanalakshmi’s aubergines grow nice and leafy:

Kesiga and Sasikala planted tomatoes:

Bwuvaneswari and Gayatry have chillies and aubergines growing on their patch:

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  • Anonymous  On 01/12/2011 at 06:29

    Well done SPPD Children! Both crops and children look well on this new activity. Glad to see that the girls make great horticulturists too.

  • SPPD  On 13/03/2012 at 09:15

    Thank you for the comments

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