Children’s Day in Children’s Home

On Monday, November 14, we celebrated Children’s day in our home.

The kids and teachers had worked hard till late the day before, learning speeches and practising dances, and continued preparations the next day.

At 5 o’clock in the afternoon, the celebration started. Mr.Selvaraj(Union Chairman, T.Pet Union), Mr.Jegajothi Manohar (President, M.Pudhupatti), Mr. AppaNayakkar (President,Valavanthi), were the main guests.

The children looked gorgeous, wearing their colourful national clothes and bright make-ups, and girls had roses in their hair.

The guests and children presented their speeches about Jawaharlal Nehru and other great leaders.

Then there came the most enjoyable part: dances. Our kids love to dance, and they never get tired of it. Three dances were presented, and everybody liked them.

The children also had a lot of fun during the performance of a mimic.

After the dancing, some of the kids quickly changed into kimonos, and showed some elements of karate under instruction of their karate teacher, Mr. Saravanan.

After the official part finished, children had a kind of improvised disco, where they all danced free-style to Tamil music, and had a good time.

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