Where are you, Kaviya?

The kids in the Children’s Home like to watch movies on Sunday nights. We have a lot of DVDs, but they are of bad quality, and sometimes don’t work well.

Yesterday, when we were watching “Back to the Future-2”, the computer suddenly froze. The kids groaned with disappointment. I tried to return it back to life, but it took a lot of time and effort. The kids waited patiently while the computer was installing updates, opening programs that didn’t work, and doing other stupid things that Windows Vista likes to do.

Finally, we could continue watching the movie. One girl, Kaviya, said happily: “I prayed to God for the movie to work again, and now it works!” “Thank you, Kaviya, it’s very good of you!”, I said.

After a while, the computer wouldn’t cooperate again. We tried everything, but all in vain. “Where is Kaviya?”, I asked, looking for her face among the children in the dark room, but I couldn’t find her.

Despite all efforts, the program didn’t work. We had to look for something else to watch.

Kaviya was not there, she had been sent to do her homework.

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