We have grown!

When I look at the kids in our Children’s Home, they sometimes look so big to me, and other times- so small. I wonder, why?

When do they seem big to me? When some of them are naughty at my class, and I feel upset.

When I try some activities or songs with the eldest students, and read in their eyes: “This is not for us! We are not little children!” Or, when they have completed a difficult task, and I am proud of them.

But when I see them again after holidays, I think: “Oh, how small they are!” When some of them get tired in the evening, and curl on the floor to rest. When they play a game and get very excited, especially at the computer class. When they sing “Kookaburra” (don’t forget to watch it on You-Tube!) When they take my photo with their imaginary cameras. When they draw pictures and give them to us as presents. They are so small, and they are so far from their families. When they say: “I am happy, my mummy is coming!”

I cannot tell precisely how big or small the kids are. So, here is some data to avoid any mistakes. These are the results of a recent check-up of their height and weight.

Total number of children 33 100%
Height and weight increased 24


Height and weight decreased



Height and weight without change 5


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