Quarterly Examinations

Our children study a lot, I would say. They go to school at about 9 am and return after 4.30 pm. They wash their clothes, eat snacks, and play outside for a little while. Then, at 5.30 pm, the kids either go to English or computer class, or do their homework till dinner time. I often see them with their books after dinner as well.

The children get up at 5 am, do chores and, before going to school, study some more.

So, I couldn’t have imagined it would have been possible to study more. But it was before the quarterly exams.

About 2 weeks before the exams, the pressure started to rise. Some kids studied well after 10pm, and they didn’t watch TV on Sundays. Younger kids didn’t appear very stressed though. Their teachers seemed to be more anxious than the students themselves.

When the exams finished, we congratulated the kids that they could finally relax. But it turned out that there was more work for them to do: question paper answers. The students had to memorise and write all the correct answers for all the tests. And then it was over, at last.

You can see the results below. Well, we can’t say that they didn’t try.

Number of failed subjects Number of students
1 2 6%
2 4 12%
3 2 6%
4 2 6%
5 2 6%
Total students who failed 12 36%
Passed all subjects 21 64%
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